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Upgrading work is required for the elevator after the Elevator reaches that part of the life cycle where the reliability and efficiency decreases. Modernization of the Elevators ensures that the lift complies with the current government regulations for the elevators in operation. Modernization also equips the elevator with latest available technology in comfort, safety and aesthetics resulting in improved reliability, efficiency and better feel. We Offer two types of Modernization services


Basic Modernization helps the owners of the elevator to keep the lift in perfect working condition with all safety features while also fulfilling the latest government norms as required.

Basic Modernization is economical solution in which we try to retain as many components of the elevator as possible and at the same time no compromise will be done with respect to any component so as to ensure trouble free operation.

Basic Modernization will generally include but not limited to Control system, Door System and related components.



With advanced Modernization, the Owners of the elevator can make sure that the Elevator is fitted with latest equipment which not only complies with latest government norms but takes everything available to provide you with the best Quality product.

In Advanced Modernization we equip the elevator with latest technology to ensure superior efficiency, better travelling comfort and features that add to the aesthetics and feel of the Elevator. Advanced modernization service offers plenty of options for features and aesthetics to choose from.

Advanced Modernization will generally include but not limited to Machine, Control system, Door System, Fixtures, Cabin, etc.