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Each Elevator is furnished with various fittings like Lights, Operating Panels and Fans which are useful and also add to the aesthetic value of the elevator.

Cabin Lightning:

Every Elevator is fitted with Lights in the Ceiling. We use LED Lights for all our Elevators. These LED Lights Last upto 50000 hrs and consume upto 70 % less Power. Considering that the light is kept on all the time for elevator lighting, it saves a lot of power.

LED lighting used in the elevator is in line with the idea of greener living.

Fan/Pressure Blower:

We use 300 mm axial fans which are specially made for elevator application. These fans are High Speed, low noise and last for a long time.

Pressure Blowers are also available and may be used instead of axial fans; they are highly reliable, low noise and also last for a long time.

Cabin / Landing Operating Panels & Push Buttons:

We use high quality push buttons which have long service life. These push buttons are have a very nice tactile feel and also add to aesthetic value. All the push buttons have call registration indicators. Buttons are also available with Braille. Touch buttons are also available for Car as well as for Landing operating panel.

Cabin / Floor Display:

Floor indicator mainly displays the Floor and direction of travel. Various types of Floor indicator displays are available; all the displays are high quality and durability.

LED Display with Scrolling Dot matrix direction indicator, Monochrome LCD Display, TFT LCD Display